by Cindy

My mother has a 6 month old Macaw and seems to be a picky eater we are concerned if we are feeding him the right food. Do young Macaws have a different diet? Is he maybe too young to eat nuts? He does seem to like green beans and pistacios but that is all he throughs everything else.

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Mar 14, 2008
Macaw Diet
by: The Vet

Green beans and pistachios are not a good diet for any macaw – young or old. He is not too young to eat nuts. After they are weaned the diets do not vary with their age. Your mother’s bird needs to be converted to a pellet diet, which should make up 80% of what he eats. The other 20% can be any treat, including nuts, green beans and pistachios.

Please read the article on how to get your birds switched to pellets. (You can find the article under "Parrot Training" on this site.) You must be persistent and do not give in. Spoiling them is not the answer. You should also invest in a gram scale to monitor his weight when you are converting him.(Sold on this website.)

Dr B

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