feet/perch pain?

by Brooke

how do i know if my parrot's feet are hurting because of the perch. will she some how let me know?

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Jul 23, 2012
Is perch causing foot pain?
by: Tracie

I think the real question is how do you know your parrot's feet are hurting at all? What are you seeing that is causing you to ask this question?

If you have proper perches, then they are not hurting your parrot's feet. If you have the cheap wood perches that come with the cages, then they probably are bothering it. Here are some links to various perches and you can see a recommended size chart also:

Safe Pedicure Perch

Polly's Pastel Pedicure Perch

Rope Boings and Perches

natural wood branches

I personally think every bird should have a rope perch along with some natural branches and pedicure perches. The rope perches are the favored perch in our cages.

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