Femal Budgie Acting Strange

by Jessica

I have a female budgie that is six to eight months old. This morning she was doing fine. A few days ago her partner was trying to mate with her.

Later this evening, I noticed that she was lying in the food dish with one leg on the wall of the cage and the other leg clinging on to the food dish. She seems a bit lethargic. She is sleepy and is a little unsteady on her feet. She crawls into the corner of my arm or on my lap and falls asleep. She ate a seed or two than fell asleep in the dish. I gave her a little bit of vitamin water because I haven't seen her drink anything. Her feet are warm (avg temp when healthy) and she looks healthy. Her stool is also normal. She hasn't lost weight and she has no distension or bulge underneath.

Is she sick or about to lay eggs?

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Apr 10, 2010
Femal Budgie Acting Strange
by: Linda

YOUR BIRD NEEDS TO BE TAKEN TO AN AVIAN VET IN YOUR AREA IMMEDIATELY! This could be what is called egg binding, and she will die from being unable to pass the egg. She DOES NOT HAVE TO LOOK DISTENDED TO HAVE A SMALL MALFORMED EGG STUCK IN THERE.

Your bird is VERY SICK, and anytime you see these signs with any bird, KNOW THAT THEY ARE SICK AND IN NEED OF AN AVIAN VET IMMEDIATELY.

Thanks for writing, and do not delay in taking her to the Avian Vet as her life depends on your quick actions.


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