Female attacking injured mate

by Tom
(Salado, TX)

I'm babysitting an Alexandrine (I think) mating pair who got out of their cage yesterday. The male got ruffled pretty good by the dachshund here--lost quite a few feathers, but he's not bleeding, and seemed to be moving around OK once I got him back in the cage.

Today it seems that the female is attacking him--do I need to keep them separate until he's healed?

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Apr 16, 2010
Female attacking injured mate
by: Linda


Give the owners a call and tell them what is going on. Someone will have to PAY for the visit, and make sure they are willing to pay you back whatever the costs are because the vet will need payment at the time of the visit.Vet may be willing to wait until owners are back, so go ahead and call them and have them call vet and okay the trip to the vet. NEVER, EVER LET BIRDS OUT WHEN DOGS OR CATS ARE AROUND UNLESS YOU ARE WATCHING EVERY SECOND. BIRDS ARE FRAGILE, AND DOGS AND CATS CAN MORTALLY WOUND THEM WITHOUT YOU EVER SEEING BLOOD.

When taking care of somebody else's animals or birds, these are the things that have to be discussed beforehand. The reason female is attacking him is that he is HURT AND INJURED AND NEEDS MEDICAL ASSISTANCE IMMEDIATELY.In future, get owners to sign a release form allowing you to get medical services for whatever pet it is that is either injured or sick. This will eliminate owners having to call vet and okay the visit after the fact while the bird is suffering. This is just part of the rules of bird or animal sitting. While they are in your care, YOU ARE LIABLE FOR ANYTHING THAT HAPPENS TO THEM.


Apr 16, 2010
Dog injured bird
by: Tracie

I would keep them separated if one is attacking the other. I would also take the injured bird to see Dr. Erica Haley at the Georgetown Veterinary Hospital: Phone:512-863-3563

Birds have hollow bones, and it is possible that something got broken or fractured when the dog caught it. I could be in pain, and might need medical help.

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