Female budgerigar sleeps all day but is eating well

by Sue
(Sydney, Australia)

Hello, I have a five year old female budgeriar here in Australia. She had a bad moult with a lot of spikey new feathers and was very unwell during this. Since the moult, for nearly three months now she has been sleeping all day - generally squeezes herself between the side of the cage and a mirror, not her normal sleeping position at all. When she wakes she is very hungry especially for millet which I give about every 2-3 days. I give lots of freshly picked seed grasses which she eats. After eating she usually goes to sleep again straight away.

About 2 months ago I took her to my local vet who thought she just needed time to recover from the moult but this has now been months. I keep her very warm and out of drafts. She has another female budgie in the cage with her who is well. I have just been trying to keep her warm and comfortable, assuming she would soon die, but the condition seems chronic and ongoing. There is no diarrhoea or breathing difficulty, the vet at last visit said weight was OK and could find no obvious evidence of anything wrong. By phone the vet now says there must be a chronic condition. I am unable to get to an avian vet. Any ideas please on what could be wrong with her?

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Apr 25, 2011
Inside or Out
by: Rip

We live in SoCal and my wife wants to keep our new budgies out in a outdoor atrium. Nightime temps between 50-70 degress F. We cover the cage at night. Chould this be a problem?

The second day the birds we're happy and chirping, but as the sun went down and got cool, the didn't move?? Just sleeping?

Editor's note: If the temperature falls gradually, and your birds have a place to sleep that is out of the wind, they should be fine. Be aware that snakes can squeeze through bars and eat your birds. (You posted your question as an answer, please post questions as new questions under parrot questions.)

Jul 23, 2009
Budgie sleeping all day
by: The Vet

You need to put a heating pad on the cage and get the temperature up to 90-95ºF. Get her to eat and drink. But, your veterinarian needs to do some diagnostics and put her on some antibiotics as a precaution. There are many many things this could be. For example Avian Gastric Yeast, bacterial infections, polyomavirus, and much more. SO diagnostics are going to be necessary to decide on a treatment plan.

Dr B

Jul 21, 2009
Sick Bird
by: Linda

Your bird is sick and needs to see an Avian vet in your area. If you cannot get there on your own, please ask a friend or family member to drive you to one(if that fails, call an Avian vet and see if they can send someone to pick you up). Hopefully both your birds are eating a high quality pelleted diet as seeds are missing many proteins, vitamins and minerals birds need to complete a moult successfully and to thrive other wise. Be very careful about feeding too many greens as well and, of course, make sure any green food is organically grown to keep birds from being poisoned by pesticides and fertilizers.

You really need to take both your birds to Avian vet because if one has a bacterial infection then both will have it if living in close quarters.

Let us know what vet has to say as it sounds like she has a bacterial infection. Tracie carries a couple of high quality organic pelleted diets out here, ( Harrison's Organic Pellets being one of them) and instead of feeding millet, please feed your birds something that will help them. Millet is primarily a carbohydrate food and should be used sparingly if at all.


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