Female Cockatiel - lay eggs?

i believe my cockatiel is female. Her tail feathers have the bar pattern and her wings are spotted underneath. So my question is this. I believe she is almost a year old or just turned one. and i was wondering will she start laying eggs soon? Should i get her a nesting box.

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Apr 06, 2011
Not Breeding
by: Adara

Im not wanting to breed her. I was just wondering if shes going to start laying eggs even though she doesnt have a mate.

Apr 05, 2011
Cockatiel - no nest box
by: Tracie

You should not get a nest box and should NOT encourage egg laying. You are not a breeder, and it doesn't sound like your bird has a mate. Your bird could die from egg binding also, if your bird is not on a healthy pellet diet like Harrison's.

Only people with experience and customers waiting to purchase babies should be breeding birds. It is best to get experience by helping another reputable breeder before even trying anything on your own, or you may lose your bird or babies from lack of experience. You need to know how to handle all the emergencies that often come with raising birds.

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