Female Eclectus Parrot

by Julia

I have a female Eclectus Parrot named Jada. I have a few questions about her...
1. I've heard that female Eclectus Parrots do not like the color red... but the cage we keep Jada in is against a red wall... is this a problem?
2. When we let Jada out of her cage & onto her perch, she flies down onto the floor & walks around... attacking my dog & family members feet, or hiding under furniture so we can't get to her. How do we get her to stay on the perch?
3. She has bitten my fathers hand twice already & it's drawn blood. Any way to stop this?
4. What kind of foods can we feed her besides seed to keep her happy & health? How much? How often?
Please & thank you:)

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Mar 14, 2012
Female Eclectus Parrot
by: Linda

Firstly, red is a color for activity, and if this is what the bird has to live with all the time, she could be hyperactive because of it. Find some nice pastel wallpaper with non-toxic paste(it does not have fumes and make sure of this) and put it behind her. I suggest moving bird completely out of this area while you are working and please make sure paste is non-toxic with no fumes of any kind or they will kill your bird.

The best way to keep her under control is to take her to an Avian Vet and have her examined for any physical issues like infections and have wings clipped. Have ONLY the 4-6 primary flight feathers clipped and these are the long ones at the ends of each wing. DO NOT let them cut any higher up as this causes chronic pain and causes bird to fall like a rock.

Diet is of great concern. Your bird needs to be eating high quality organic pellets like Harrisons found here. There are also other dietary considerations for the Eclectus, and I'll attach a link about how to go about changing from seeds to pellets and another one for diets for Eclectus.

Before you do anything, have her examined by an Avian Vet to make sure she does not have some kind of physical problem like an infection or problems with organs which will require basic bloodwork.

The red wall has to go, so get that taken care of soon. Do not paint it unless you can move bird out of your home for a month because latex paint will kill her and other pets in your home.With birds, it takes a month at least for paint to finish gassing out. Cats will also die and dogs will be very, very sick which is why I suggested wallpaper.

Switching Birds To Pellets article
According to Dr B, an avian vet, Eclectus do better on about 65-70% pellets and 30-35% fresh vegetables and other healthy treats.

It may take a while, but taking care of diet and environment will help to settle her down which will help with the biting. Feed her NO table food, and do feed her 65-70% organic pellets once she's changed over to them. Parrots become little monsters when their diet is messed up, and yours is at this time. Keep in touch,

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