Female Gouldian, 1 year old, swelling and feather loss over rt. eye

by Dianna Bandemer
(North Branch MI)

Pic of Blue Girl's Eye

Pic of Blue Girl's Eye

My Female Blue Back/Black Head Gouldian has swelling over her right eye the size of a small pea since 5/14/09. It almost looks like a small boil. She tries to rub it on the perch, so I know that it is bothering her. My girlfriend who is a finch breeder said that she had the same problem with one of her gouldians and recommended treating her with Ciprofloxacin, which I did for 10 days and it's still there...any ideas or thoughts of what it is or how to treat it?? Her Vet. told her it was like an ingrown feather. She seems perfectly healthly and fine other then this.

Thanks in advance,

Dianna Bandemer

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Jun 11, 2009
Update on Blue Girl
by: Dianna


Just wanted to update you on my Gouldian. I took her to an Avian Vet today and she has a benign tumor. Because of the location he recommended just leaving it alone. Dr. Reese stated that if he were to try and remove it, he would have to remove part or all of her eyelid, this could cause her to possibly loose her eye and could create further complications. He also stated that it should not effect the quality of her life. Better to leave well enough alone!! = ))


Jun 10, 2009
Finch with swelling over eye
by: Anonymous

This does not look like an ingrown feather to me. It is likely an infection, probably a sinus infection. However there are other possibilities. I cannot diagnose it with examining him, and I cannot recommend and medications without an examination. You should not use antibiotics indiscriminately. This will cause resistance in bacteria and eventually the good drugs (like Cipro and Baytril) stop working. Never use over the counter drugs, drugs prescribed for you or other pets. In most cases they do not work, as you have already experienced. The right thing to do is see a trained professional, get a diagnosis, and then a treatment that is designed around the diagnosis. I am sure that this is an uncomfortable, probably painful situation that needs to be treated. There is also a chance that this could lead to the loss of that eye. Take him to see an avian veterinarian.

Dr B

Jun 09, 2009
by: Linda

First of all YOU need to take your bird to your Avian Vet and have this properly diagnosed and treated. What your friend did or had may not be what you need to do or what your bird has.

Giving any kind of antibiotic or other medications with a prescription from an Avian vet is not recommended. It will take a trip to vet to diagnose and treat this properly.

Your little bird has suffered enough, and you need to make an appointment asap to get her into a qualified vet so this can be taken care of.

Again, please, please do not delay in taking your sick birds to a qualified vet who knows much more about treating birds than even breeders, friends or other people who are SURE they know what is wrong. If the meds you used did not work, it means she has another kind of infection and or tumor which needs to be treated by an Avian Vet.

Let us know how things go after you've seen a vet with her.


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