Female green cheek conure not wanting to sleep

by Megan
(Andover, KS)

My female green cheek conure

My female green cheek conure

I have a female green cheek conure that doesn't want to sleep and I don't know why. Last year, I rescued a male jenday conure, and every since then, she has laid eggs two different times, and now working on her third time. A lot of the time when she isn't going to lay eggs, she still doesn't want to sleep. She will go to the bottom of her cage, plucking the bars and playing and/or attacking the toy balls at the bottom of her cage and just won't sleep. It will be quiet and everything, and i'll be sound asleep, and hear her making all kinds of noise all, night, long.

I don't know what to do. Plus, she has a lot of stress bars on her wing feathers. Her feathers are suppost to be green, and they are slowly turning black. Please help me, I don't know what to do. I am worried about my baby. She was born in 2001, and this is the first i've ever had this problem with her.

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Jul 11, 2011
Female green cheek conure not wanting to sleep
by: Linda

Yes, as Tracie said, she needs to be examined by an Avian Vet in your driving area to make sure this is not some kind of illness.

The bars you spoke of are not stress bars, they are actually malnutrition bars brought about by improper feeding. I've seen them many times in birds on all seed diets or even worse diets of people food. Birds need bird food and one that is of the highest quality in order to keep them healthy and calm.

You need to change your bird over to a healthy organic pelleted diet like Harrison's carried here. You need to limit any fruit/veggie treats to what is recommended on the package and no more than 10-15% of the total diet which means small amounts a few times a week.

Another important issue here is feed NO people food or drink or anything containing either salt or sugar as both of those are poison for birds. People food will kill birds in that most of the food we eat is full of fat, salt and sugar which are all bad for birds. Junk food also keeps birds from eating a wholesome diet making things worse. Here is a link on how to go about changing from seeds/junk to the organic pellets and is written by an avian vet:
Switching Birds to Pellets article

Birds require 12 hours of darkness each day in order to sleep. If you have your bird in family room, then cage will have to be moved to another room where she can get some sleep. Darkness includes being in a room where there are no streetlights coming through windows. A small nightlight is okay like the kind that are plugged in and only come on when it is dark. The light is faint enough to not bother bird yet be there if they become frightened in the night. A light cover over cage at night would also help a great deal.

Thanks for writing and let us know how it goes,

Jul 11, 2011
Conure laying eggs and not sleeping
by: Tracie

I am sure your conure sleeps at some point, but why it is not sleeping at night is a mystery. You might need to move your bird to a dark room at night, so that it can't see to play with toys.

Please read the article on Chronic Egg Laying that was written by an avian vet. It sounds like your bird it not on a healthy pellet diet like Harrison's and this will cause feather issues and your bird could die from egg binding also.

Please Find an Avian Vet to examine your bird, to make sure it is not sick, because that also will cause stress bars and poor feather issues.

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