Female lovebird has seizures

my lovebird has always been with her mate. now i watch and her seizures tend to be more when she goes to bottom of cage and the male wants to get on her. When she spreads her wings she goes into a seizure and he thinks she wants to mate and he tries to get on her and when I catch her seizuring I take her out and rub her back until she is soft again, he gets mad, obviously, but putting her back in the cage she is very weak on her legs. and staggers until she gets up in the box I put on top of the cage, where she sleeps and rather be most of the time, unless eating. thats where she is happiest. I made the box from food boxes, I hope that isn't dangerous, since she has been staying in them for years. sleeping in them.

what do I do if the male is causing these seizures, he thinks she wants to mate because she spreads her wings, but now I think its brings on her seizures, which are more frequent. please advise, if I take him away, she will die of a broken heart. Debbie

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May 06, 2010
Lovebird having seizures
by: The Avian Vet

I do not think the male is causing the seizures. Your bird has a medical condition and needs to be seen by an avian veterinarian immediately. Your bird would be better off if you separate them until you get this problem treated. Keep them in separate cages but side-by-side. I can assure that they will not die of a broken heart.

Dr B

Apr 28, 2010
Female lovebird has seizures
by: Linda

Debbie, please get your hen to an Avian Vet immediately as soon as you can get an appointment. In the meantime, get another cage set up with one of the little sleeping hammocks that can be hung inside cage and separate these birds. DO NOT LEAVE HER OUTSIDE OF CAGE AND DO NOT LEAVE HER IN WITH HER MATE ANY LONGER. Lovebirds are peculiar, and ALL BIRDS WILL KILL SICK OR INJURED BIRDS AS THESE POSE A THREAT TO THE FLOCK. I've seen many lovebird pairs where one turns on the other, and it is usually because one is sick and weak.

So, get another cage and get it set up for her. You can buy the little hanging hammocks, and she can sleep in one of those INSIDE her cage. Until the vet has time to check her out and do some testing, do not leave her outside the cage without being right there watching her. This is especially important if both birds are out at the same time.

If you don't remove her from the male, he will kill her sooner or later because you said the seizure activity is getting worse. Please take her to an Avian Vet in your area for full testing to see if she has infections, bloodwork to see if there is a poison present in her system because seizure activity can be caused from toxins in the bird's environment or from congenital causes. At any rate, you must consult with a professional here. You can put bird's cages close together on a counter or table, just GET HER OUT OF THERE LIKE YESTERDAY BECAUSE HE WILL KILL HER, AND IT WILL NOT BE A PRETTY SITE WHEN HE DOES.

Let us know how this goes and what the vet has to say, because you are the second person today talking about seizures, and am wondering about that. Keep in touch and I hope for the best for your little bird,

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