Female Parakeet Won't Stop Sexual Behaviors

by TL
(Charlotte NC)

My female parakeet has decided that I (a female human) am her mate. She won't stop trying to mate with me. She grooms me and gives me "kisses" and tries to crawl under my chin or cloths to stimulate her wings. She puts her butt/back in my face and backs up...it's really kind of disturbing and annoying.

What do I do? Right now I just put her in her cage and tell her No when she does it. It doesn't seem to be making any impact on her behavior though. I have started just ignoring her and letting her just sit on my shoulder. I move away when she tries to rub up against me and I make her fly back to her cage if she get's all googly eyed.

I am really careful not to touch her wings at all or to rub them accidentally. At first, I did not know these were mating behaviors and encouraged her cuddly affections until her Avian Vet told me this is why she had an egg laying problem. Her Vet gave her a birth control shot but it only lasts five weeks.

It's week three and she's starting the behaviors again. I don't want her to get sick from trying to lay eggs. I know I could get her a permanent birth control implant but surgery is risky and she's 7 years old!! She never laid eggs until a month ago and then she wouldn't stop. Now she won't stop trying to get me (and anyone else who will let her) to stimulate her happy places (which is apparently her wings...who knew?).

She even tries to crawl into jackets or cloths if they are laying on the couch. I caught her doing the dance with a pillow before I hauled her off to the vet three weeks ago. She's very healthy for her age and her eggs were in really good condition and fairly large (but okay according to the Vet).

I thought about getting her a mate but the Vet says she's really too old to try and mate her. Plus I really don't want to care for another keet. She's awesome but she took a lot of training and I just don't have time to train a new a keet for her right now. She's the third keet I have cared for and the first female to lay eggs and display mating behaviors. I have no idea what to do? Help!

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Feb 14, 2012
Thank you for the advice
by: TL

Well so far I have taken every recommendation and applied it. I thought the behavioral training wasn't working but turns out I just needed to give it more time. Also, I have been switching her diet to pellets. She really likes the organic, thanks for the suggestion! I also have given her more time under the blanket. She does seem to be hyperactive and I am not sure why. We don't give her "people food" and wash our hands all the time. I work at a coffee house on the weekends, but like I said I wash my hands all the time. I wonder if coffee gets in my hair? But I did start putting her to bed early so she gets 14 hours under the blanket instead of 12. This gives her some time to settle down and seems to be working well. The only negative side effect of this whole experience is that she is no longer as friendly. She won't bite people but she won't entertain them either. She will immediately fly away. Since she only flies for exercises and to sit on my shoulder or go back to her cage, I'm not going to clip her wings. I am not worried about her getting into things since her cage is closed when she's alone. Thanks for all the help!!

Feb 10, 2012
Parakeet breeding behavior
by: The Avian Vet

The implant is not permanent. You may get 2 months out of the implant. They do not last as long in birds as they are supposed to in humans. If you are feeding pellets to your budgie, then she will not become egg bound although other health problems can occur with chronic egg laying such as prolapse. You can try reducing the day length by covering the cage earlier to give her more than 12 hours of darkness. It does not complete stop the behaviors but it helps.

It is unfortunate, but there may be nothing to do but give the hormones regularly. This is a problem that is common in budgies. It may be that she has cystic ovaries or other abnormality.

Do not get her a mate. It is not going to help; there is no way to guarantee they will get along; mates will stimulate more eggs.

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Dr B

Feb 09, 2012
Female Parakeet Won't Stop Sexual Behaviors
by: Linda

Well, this does seem to be a problem, and I caution you to not allow the avian vet to give her any more shots because they are not good for birds and really do nothing much.

You did not say what her diet is, and this could be a problem. I'll attach a link to an article about feeding parakeets, and one on how to go about changing from seeds to pellets as well. Organic pellets are carried here, and I suggest you try working with her on her diet.

Birds should have no people food, nuts, animal protein, coffee, tea or other stimulant kinds of foods. They also need about 12 hours of darkness for sleep each night. To have less, means they become hyperactive and then get sick.

Also, it would not be a bad idea to have her wings clipped next time you are at the Avian Vet's as this may settle her down a bit. Have them clip ONLY 4-6 Primary Flight feathers which are the long ones at the ends of each wing. Do not allow them to cut up any higher as this causes pain and birds fall like rocks and can and do break feet and legs.

She sounds to me to be too hyperactive which would be controlled by a good diet of organic pellets, so try that first after wing clipping. She is way too small for an un-needed surgery and could very well die. I feel that she is having some kind of giant dump of hormones before she stops ovulating altogether. This sometimes happens with human women right before everything stops for them, and it does pass.

Keep in touch with us and let us know if diet seems to help. Changing from seeds to organic pellets takes time, so do not be in a hurry. Also, she may need some new toys to occupy her time as well.

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