Female ringneck biting..

by Ulandi
(South Africa)

My female ringneck parrot (she's about 6 months old) doesn't like me and bite me all the time even though i raised her from when she was a baby, but when my husband comes near her, she loves him and is very talkative with him, why is that?

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Jan 03, 2011
Female ringneck biting..
by: Linda

I had the same problem with a rescued Ringneck hen. She was good for a while and let me take her in and out of cage to sit on outside perch. After a couple of months, she started biting me and flying into my face. She actually hated me, and even though I knew what was wrong, I was very hurt over it. Before my husband would leave for work in the morning, she would coo and kiss at him and he could pet her and nuzzle with her. Once she saw him leave, get in the car and drive away, she would fix her eyes on me, and pupils would get very small, and I'd know I was in for another day of the "Green Thing from Hell, aka Snoopy!"

What causes this is the bird, mine and yours, has reached sexual maturity, and she bonded with my husband and saw me as an enemy trying to take her "man" away. I told my husband about her behavior, and his exact words were, "You're crazy, how could that "sweet" little bird be doing what you say she's doing?" He just never got it because when he was present, she would act all nice, fluffy and lovey dovey. It's when he left that war broke out. I had rescued her from a bird store I worked in, given her millions of toys, a nice cage and food fit for a queen, and I was hurt by her behavior.

I called the president of our Rose City Bird Club, and asked her if she knew of members who had the Ringnecks. She said she bred them and had a male whose mate had died recently. I told her I'd give her Snoopy if she'd come and get her.

She took Snoopy, aka "Green Thing from Hell" put her with her new mate, and she immeiately went into breeding mode. She'd developed a good vocabulary, and never said another human word once she was with her mate.

I'm not saying this is what you need to do, and I am saying you need help with training this bird to at least tolerate you. There are links on this page about bird training ( Parrot Training page )or you can start looking for a breeder in your area to take her. The Ringnecks seem to be some of the worst ones for this once they are mature, and I don't know why. I've had lots of breeding age hens, and we always worked out our differences. Not with this Ringneck hen though. If anyone else has gone through this and WON, please answer this post!!!!


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