Female Senegal Very Hormonal

by Nancy
(North Carolina)

We have a 3 year old female Senegal who is my husband's bird, but has chosen me as her mate. She is always seeking me out, even though I give her no encouragement as I have my own bird I dote on.

She screams at my husband as he approaches her cage, or when she steps on his hand to come out of her cage. She growls for at least 30 minutes and then settles down a little. All the time she is trying to get to me.

1. How do I, personally, deal with her?
2. Why is she so mean to my husband? She's growly and screamy about 80% of the time and has been for over two years.
3. She's very hormonal now and I have no idea how her cage and toys should be set up so as not to encourage egg laying. Any help?

Thank you. Nan

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Jan 23, 2008
Hormonal Senegal
by: Tracie

Hello Nancy,

Make sure that you do not stroke her down her back, this only encourages her to want you for a mate, and you can not fill that role. :-)

I don't know why she is grumpy with your husband. I have a bird that decided not to like me and chose my husband. I have worked at gaining her trust and I watch her body language closely so that sometimes I can hold her now.

Respecting the bird's mood and offering treats without picking them up will go a long way with them. Once they see that you are going to respect their wishes, they often start at least tolerating you, and then maybe even liking you.

I don't know that toys would encourage egg laying. Some lay eggs regardless of what you do to discourage them.

I will encourage others to respond to your post that have more experience.

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