Female SI eclectus with yellow stripes on feathers

by Terry

Hi - I have a female SI eckie. She has recently seen an avian vet for her annual check up and everything was good including a gram stain test. But she has yellow bars in a few places on her feathers -- not sure if these are stress bars - or diet related. I make a point to not feed her anything with extra vitamins or artificial colors, etc. Any suggestions?

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Sep 29, 2011
yellow bars
by: Anonymous

Stress bars are not generally yellow. With eclectus parrots it is usually a health issue, dietary issue or genetics. You can get what is called marbling & other odd feather colour in some eclectus & it can be just a genetics thing. If your avian has done testing & has said she is healthy then it is most likely nothing to worry about & possibly a genetic thing. If you know her breeder you can ask him if he has had this in his eclectus. If he has then it is most likely a definite genetics thing. It doesn't affect them in any way with health or breeding. If your avian vet has said nothing about the yellowing then you should take your eclectus back & request some information & testing for the yellowing of the feathers to rule out any health issues.

Sep 28, 2011
Feathers with yellow stripes
by: Tracie

What did your avian vet say about the yellow bars? Dr B might can help, if he knows what your avian vet thought about your bird's feathers when he saw them.

This could be nutrition or a health problem, it can't be diagnosed over the Internet.

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