female yellow naped amazon

by art talamante
(modesto,ca U>S>A)

my bird chico has layed about 4 eggs in the last few months.is that normal?and she is about 30-35yrs old.not too sure bout her age but its close.and is it too late to find her a mate?

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Dec 30, 2008
by: Dave

I have a male Yellow Naped Amazon looking for a female. I really feel bad for him, anything he can find to xxxxx such as the carpet, my shoulder he does all the time. Has been building a nest. Can you help?

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Nov 27, 2008
Amazon parrot laying eggs
by: Tracie

I would not say it is normal, but it does happen. This does not mean you need to find her a mate.

You could bring a bird home for her and they might never get along. There are a bunch of complications that might come up that you would not be prepared for since you no nothing about breeding birds. There are many other reasons NOT to get your bird a mate.

Try giving your bird less daylight hours. If your bird is in a room that is lighted from early morning until late at night, then it doesn't realize that it is winter. Simulate winter and the bird may stop laying.

As long as the bird is laying eggs, provide dehydrated egg food and fresh greens in addition to a healthy pellet diet, like Harrison's
. A bird that is not eating a healthy pellet diet is more likely to have egg binding, and that is life threatening.

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