few questions, eye infection, and vomiting

by Kayla
(brisbane, Qld, Australia)

hello there, i have just a few questions to ask. After reading all the other questions I have began to worry. the reason i came on here was to research about something recently discovered in my Latino hen ringneck. About a week ago we moved her into a new home shes out in an aviary (which she was in at the other house) and shes been screaming a lot at night (one night saw a cat near by) shes been loosing a lot of feather but also growing new ones back so might just be molting but we noticed on her left eye that the bottom lid is drooping down a lot and looks fairly watery. There is no redness to the eye just droopiness.

The second question a year ago me and my boyfriend bought two blue Indian ringneck babies which we hand reared ourselves. one day me and my bf had a big fight so we had to separate the birds. I had noticed that my bird had became very mopey and clingy to me. he started vomiting every time he tried to eat or drink and it was a lot of vomit, when he layed in bed with me he was lying down with his neck stretched out which was strange behavior for him as he is usually a fairly jittery bird who will only sit on my finger. a few people said he was fretting because of missing the other bird or because i was sad. it's been quite awhile now since this happened but his feathers are much more ruffly then the others. I'm just wondering was this a sign of early illness or just him fretting?

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Nov 06, 2008
lutino and mr green
by: Anonymous

is it necessary to have a Lixit water bottle or is it just a lot safer then just having an open dish on the side of the cage. I have brought the lutino ringneck inside now to hang out with my other birds she seems to get along with my little blue male he's only one year old tho, and is still trying to mate with him :P. also i have a new green ringneck who is only one year old, I was hoping to breed him later on with the Latino because she is lonely but he seems to be way to jittery for even other birds go near him let alone us. is there a reason for the jitters?

Nov 04, 2008
Eye drooping on ringneck parrot
by: The Vet

It sounds to me like your lutino I-r is not happy in her new situation. She sounds stressed, and maybe she is molting, but she could also be plucking.

The drooped eyelid is not normal. This could be trauma or disease. It should be examined by an avian specialist. In addition a general exam and work up should be performed to screen for any other health problems.

Stress will precipitate disease, especially subclinical bacterial infections. And if you bird drinks from a bowl instead of a Lixit water bottle, then I can almost guarantee there is a subclinical bacterial infection.

Sitting fluffed is a symptom of illness. Take him in to see the avian specialist as soon as you can. In the mean time, put a heating pad on his cage and get the temperature up to 85-90┬║F.

Dr. B

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