Fiery shouldered conure, not coming around.

Hello, I just adopted an adorable, 4 month old fiery shouldered conure parrot from a local breeder. They told me he had been hand fed and was tame but since I've gotten him home I can't seem to get him to warm up to me at all. I've had him 8 days now and he doesn't voluntarily come out of his cage, he squeaks and squawks when I try to take him out gently. He won't take a treat from my hand at all so I feel as though I cannot begin to successfully teach him the step up command and in turn cannot have him step up onto my hand inside his cage to come out. He is still eating and drinking regularly so I know he isn't unhealthy or anything.
What I'm wondering is if anybody has any pointers on trust building, training, etc. that may help me out in building a strong relationship with my new baby.. Thank you!