fighting birds

my indian ringneck keeps attacking my new cokatiel and i dun have a second cage to keep him in wat can i do to stop them from fighting

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Aug 16, 2011
a new cage!
by: Samantha

Yes, I agree. You're definitely going to have to get another cage somehow or else they are going to continue to fight and one or both of them will end up dying. Ask friends, neighbors, co-workers... anyone you can think of if they have a cage you can use... even if it's just for the meantime until you can save to get another. Good luck and keep them separated somehow for now!!

Aug 15, 2011
Separate fighting birds
by: Tracie

Getting another cage is your ONLY option. If you can't get another cage, then quickly find a home for one of the birds and make sure the person has the funds not only for a cage, but pellets and vet bills.

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