Fighting Indian Ringneck's in the same cage

Hi, One of my Indian Ringneck parrots keeps chasing the other around the cage and bites and wants to fight. I am very distressed about leaving them alone when I go to work.. Pls advise why this may be happening. Both are only about 4 months old..

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Jul 13, 2018
Yellow ringneck
by: Anonymous

Can i put one yellow ringneck with parakeet 28 plz help me out?

Mar 25, 2018
Ringnecks in same cage
by: Anonymous

I have put two male ringnecks in one cage, while the other ringnecks are in mating season - they do not like a "spare" around. They got on okay - no problems - one bossed the other around a bit, but nothing major. it is a try and see thing.

Mar 16, 2018
Can we put two males indian ringneck parrots
by: Lord higni

My mother is asking to me that we can keep two ringneck parrots in one cage or not.

Editor's note: It depends on the birds, keep them separate and allow them to play outside their cages closely supervised to see if they want to be together.

If playing outside works, then closely supervise them on one cage where they can go in and out of the cage for food and water to see if they fight. The next stage is close supervision for a few hours with them inside the cage.

Mar 10, 2018
Why would an in just suddenly dei
by: Dave

We had two irns but last night the mail just when funny and by the morning it was dead can anyone help me out and till me what could of happened please

Sep 29, 2017
male and female ringneck
by: vic

hi I have 2 indian ringneck male and female the female bite the male if the male walk around the time the female have eggs but I don't see the male mating to its other how will I know if this like to its other I like to breed this bird.but I don't know if its like to its other.thanks any advice.

Aug 12, 2017
Squawking IRN
by: Lily

I have an IRN he squawks so much. I'm thinking he's lonely. If I got him a friend either another IRN or a cockatiel. (Male) would it work?

Editor's note: Usually you just have one more bird screaming and twice the mess.

Jul 29, 2017
by: Anonymous

You can put two females and one male together but keep an eye on them as the females are the one with attitude and the male will be the one to get hurt posibly killed

Editor's note: Birds should only live in the same cage if they want to be caged together. If they fight, then keep them in separate cages.

Jul 28, 2017
by: Anonymous

To the person asking if you can put two male ringnecks together, that is normally ok to do in most cases if he he a youngster they will grow up together.

Jul 27, 2017
Can I put 1male and 2 female parrot in one cage
by: Krish

I'm having 2female and 1male can I keep them in same cage

Editor's note: Only they can decide if they like each other. isit for more articles

Jun 27, 2017
Male ringneck parrot
by: Anonymous

I have a male ringneck parrot in a cage if I get him out my dog will kill it, I don"t want a female becauce I don" want them to mate but I think he is lonely so I was thinking of getting another male but I don't if they will fight

Editor's note: You can lock the dog out of the room when you let your bird out. There is never a guarantee that if you get another bird that they will get along.

Jun 25, 2017
Male bitting female
by: Anonymous

Hi i have a male and female ringneck pair but i saw that the female has a chunk of feathers missing on her head is it due to mating that the male bites the female or is it something totaly different please advise.

Jun 20, 2017
Need help
by: Anony

I have a pair of indian ringnecks.The male is reacting aggressively and the female gets scared and runs of.The male chases the female away from his cage.The male dont want to share his cage with female but the female wants to sit on the cage.However the male shows aggression when female come close to his cage.The female is newly introduced to male.Her previous partner flew away.Please reply what can be done now.Can they makea bond are not?Thanks

Apr 12, 2017
Female IRNs
by: Anonymous

Hi there,
Is it possible to put 2 female IRNs together in one cage?
Please advise

Mar 20, 2017
Reply to post
by: Forest

Hi to the person that just post about the male being aggressive, i have never heard of a male being aggressive are you sure its a male how old are ur pair

Mar 19, 2017
Need help
by: Bunny

I have a old female indian green ringneck now i brought new male ringneck .The male is very aggressive. They are not making pair.

Mar 02, 2017
Fighting Ringnecks
by: Anonymous

I have had to take one of my females out of the aviary - she has started attacking the Quail who live in the bottom and keep it clean - has bitten toes off several and also bitten them on body - she did have a mate, but he died, now not sure if she is watching male quail chasing females and joining in, or just doing it because she is alone

Mar 01, 2017
need help
by: Ahmed

I have a male and a female indian green ringneck. The female is very aggressive. They are not making pair.

Feb 05, 2017
fighting female
by: forest

I have three ringneck in an avairy big enough for even more as I took out one pair for breeding the other three are two males and one female, turns out she has now gone teritorial I dont know what to do I just trimed her flight feathers and she still has gone nuts my question is what else do I do she has started to work the nesting box and thats what she is protecting

Feb 03, 2017
female one's fighting
by: sharmila

i have a cuple of ring necks.female one aallways fighting with male.plz help me.

Editor's note: they may need to be separated, just like humans not all birds will like the birds you choose for them to live with.

Jan 13, 2017
fighting Indian Ringnecks
by: Terence

I have 3 female and one male in a large avery and to day the females and male started biting the one.It would sit on the floor but when it flies up the others would bite it,
What could be the cause of this

Editor's note: Just as some people are aggressive and some are not, some birds are aggressive and not suitable for living with other birds in a small environment. You can't force birds to like each other, this bird needs to be removed.

Nov 04, 2016
New bird has no love
by: Zoe W

Hi my name is Zoe
I have a green indian Ringneck that is almost 2 years old now.
it has not started forming a ring yet so it may very well be a girl, waiting a few more months to see.
when I got him/her i was told that she had had some handling but not much
i believe she had non at all as when my partner or I walk up to the cage she sounds like a car alarm going off
She never goes in her raised 3foot square cage and sleeps/lives on the outside gym area.

We decided to get a hand raised yellow boy of a good friend who is very sweet and loving (and a sook)
but we cant seem to even get it close to Peatri (Green ringneck)
The Yellow is only 3 months out and loves being out of the cage but i cant have him out as Peatri wont even give him a chance to come onto his Gym area.
he even goes into his cage after we take Moltres (yellow) out as in to say "this is also my cage"
there is lost of room for both but Pearti will go out of his way to get to him..
Does anyone know how I can get Pearti to Leave my Baby Moltres alonee...

Oct 23, 2016
I need an advice, please help me.
by: Ehsan Samani

My name is Ehsan, I have a flock of Indian ringed neck parrots. I bought them about 1 month a go. I bought 19 couples but unfortunately 4 male and 1 female of this birds died when I moved the birds to a one big room (1.6*4*3.5 meter) which was exactly 4 days after buying them. Now these birds are free at this room. Also I made 19 cage with average size of 1*0.9* 0.8 meter in another room which is beside the that room. After 2 days of buying birds I moved birds from cages to that room due to choosing their couples by them self. I decided to separate the in love couples after 2 weeks. But now as soon as I open the door of cages room (which is connected to free flight room), all the birds are jumped and they flight because they scare of me, even in the dark and night and when I go into the this rooms all the birds flight and they hit with the floor and they harm if I want to select them after finding the a couple. So this method is not useful for me. Now I cant select the in-love couples and I don't know how I shall do that. I have a solution for this problem which I want to know your idea about that. I can open the door of free flight room and let the birds to move to other room which cages are at this room and the doors of cages be open for months and I put the food and water just in the cages. Also I should mention that each cage have a nest for nesting and laying. So near the breeding season the female birds choose the nest and when I found a couple of them in a cage quickly I'll close the door of that cage and with this method I can find the in-love couples. Because I spend all the my saving money to building cages and buying birds and I must breed chicks to compensation costs. Because I read in the websites if I choose a spouse for a female bird, it may they wont breed chicks and it is a very important point to let them to choose their spouse by them self.
So if you have any better solution, please help me.
Thank you for your kind help and thank you for your time which spend to read this

Oct 19, 2016
Ringnecks fighting
by: Anonymous

I have several ringnecks in aviary and they have all got on okay and have paired up, but recently one set has taken to another - not sure if one of them was sick, but he died - the other was hurt, and after she recovered, I put her back in, but had to take her out, as two birds took to her again. The two birds have 3 chicks, but that hadn't worried them before - they have all lived together for over a year. Can I take the two and chicks out and put other one back in with other birds - they all appeared to try and help her and chase the attackers away.

May 12, 2016
Fighting Ringnecks
by: Anonymous

We have two Indian Ringnecks who are sisters, about a year old. One is dominant and would regularly attack the other. At night they would sit together. But during the day they fight, whether in or out of the cage. Had to buy a second cage to make sure the dominant sister did not severely injure the other.

Apr 20, 2016
Fighting IRN
by: Mandy

I have a female Ring Neck and other birds. They are all in individual cages but my ring neck pokes her head through her cage to antagonize and fight with whichever bird is closest to her. Tonight the African grey got hold of her foot and bit it. Lots of blood. I've managed to clean it with savlon, cornflower it and bandage it. She permanently looks like she is looking for a way to escape her cage. Rescued her from a guy on the street who had hacked her wings very badly.
Do you suggest I move her cage out of the room from the other birds or should I re-home her to a place with a big walk in type Avery. She's actually quite a sweetie and let's me tickle her through the cage. Opens her wings and pulls her head back and makes funny clicking noises when I tickle her head.

All advice would be most welcome.

Kind regards

Oct 15, 2015
are my irp fighting.
by: jacky

i have addopted two indian ring necks,1 male 1 female,the last few weeks the female has been pulling on the males tail feathers,and looks like she is fighting with him,and chases him around the cage,he is a lovely talker ,and is always talking to the female,,then some day,s they are great together,and will happily sit side by side,,don,t want to see any of them hurt ,what can i do.

Oct 09, 2015
by: Anonymous

My female has already killed one male so when I bought a new male I put them in an outdoor aviary. During winter I brought them inside into a very big cage but she beat him half to death after a couple of weeks. I separated them and now they live in two cages side by side. The warmer months are here and I'm worried about putting them back in the aviary although there is much more room in there so they may be fine. However if I see her fighting with him again I shall have to separate them again

Editor's note: You can NOT make birds enjoy being together, just as you wouldn't want to be forced to live with someone. Do NOT put the birds together unless THEY choose each other.

Sep 11, 2015
naughty birds
by: Cath

Yes indeed one of my ring necks has killed one already and very badly injured another

Apr 26, 2015
It depends
by: Afraz

I have 4 IRNs, and I keep them in a ROOM. They still fight.

Nov 16, 2014
indian ringnecks
by: Anonymous

i have two ring necks. one likes to chase the other one and pull on his tail. do i have to worry?

Aug 04, 2014
by: Anonymous

hello!i have two irn parrots one is male and other is female.i have bought the male a few days ago and the female a year ago.when female try to play with the male it bites back plzz tell me solution.

Editor's note: Visit our Parrot Training page

Feb 24, 2014
Alexandrine and Ring neck
by: Anonymous

Yeah its true they can kil. My Alexandrine and Ring neck got into a fight. Alexandrine was bigger and younger and the ring neck smaller and older.
The ring neck was left to bleed to death by the Alexandrine. Not sure if the Alexandrine did it for space, didn't like the ringneck or if the ring neck was sick!
just separate them out. They do sit together ona perch sometimes but when one gets angry the other should have enough space to escape atleast. Solution: two cages!

Aug 10, 2013
by: patty

can i put my ringneck with my alexndrine parrot in the same cage

Editor's note: You posted your question as an answer, please post a new question in the future.

Jan 05, 2011
vicious ringneck :(
by: paula

hi av just bought a grey IRN lovely little bird SO I THOUGHT, but all it wants to do is hurt my other birds, i have 3 cockatiels, a lutino IRN and a alexandrine who is a year old and has had a few bites from it to, i have a really big cage so i was told i could put the alexandrine an 2 ringnecks together but its to stressful for me to watch so i have desided that am gunner give the grey IRN up as i havnt got the room for another cage, just feel a bit gutted but i cant think of anythink else to do :(

Dec 10, 2009
Fighting Indian Ringneck's in the same cage
by: Linda

Well, your cage may be too small. Two Indian Ringnecks need a very large cage with separate feeding and watering dishes, toys and plenty of perches. Since I don't know how large a cage you have, that would be one of the main reasons for the fighting. The other reason is that they just don't like each other. Just because we put birds together does not mean they will like each other and live together in harmony.

You have two choices, and I must stress how fast you need to pick one. One of these birds is going to kill the other and it is not going to be very long in coming. So, here are your choices: Right now you need a second cage to put one of them in. After that, you can either leave them in separate cages or buy a much bigger one with accomodations for both of them.

In my opinion, I think you need to get another cage and separate them permanently. Get a cage at least as large as the one they are in now, and set it up for the second bird.

Keep them separated even at play time or outside cage time for a while before allowing them to be out at the same time.

You also need to take both into see an Avian Vet to see if the one being chased is ill. Birds are wild animals and will behave like their wild ancestors sometimes. One of those times is when one of the birds is sick. A sick bird in the wild brings predators, and the flock will either kill the sick one or drive it out to die alone. This is how it works in the wild and in your home as well. Take both of them in for an exam to rule out illness.


Please do not delay putting these birds into two different cages. Besides killing, there can be severe injuries like loss of an eye or an injury that causes one or both to bleed out. Both of your birds are in grave danger, so take action immediately.

Thanks for writing and let us know how all this goes as your information can help someone else with a similar problem.


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