finch feathers discoloured or changing colour - unsure

by Deanne
(BC Canada )

my very white male finch appears to be changing colour from his low back through his tail feathers - they are turning fawn - ish, almost a pink ? When he came out of the bath yesterday he was ruffled up and preening and it looked like there might be something under the feathers of his lower back - a wound or scab maybe? they do occasionally bicker but he is bouncey and singing and has a good appetite - I could catch him but it stresses them out so much I would rather leave him to heal by himself - he is not losing any feathers and does not seem to be worrying at it -what do you think ? have you heard of this before ?

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Sep 16, 2011
Feathers changing color
by: The Avian Vet

First thought is that medical attention outweighs the stress of handling. If he has a problem, waiting will not make it better, it will make worse. Turn off the lights when you try to catch him and it will be easy to catch him. This could be a skin lesion causing the color change. I have seen this with preen gland tumors and dermatitis. It is also possible that the color change is nutrition related. If he is on just seeds then that is a good possibility. It is not uncommon for birds to change color with age, too, in particular genetic color changes. There may also be a toy or other cage furnishing that is bleeding color onto your bird.

Dr B
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