finch trying to get under paper

by christina
(chula vista, ca, usa)

I have 2 society finches and one parakeet, in separate cages of course. The parakeets loves to chew and go under her paper. i noticed today that one of the finches was trying to bite its paper and i don't know if it would what to get under the paper at all. any suggestions on how to keep the finch from trying to get under besides havings a toy on the paper?

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Mar 06, 2012
Birds trying to get under the poop paper
by: Tracie

It would be best for you to purchase cages with removable grates, so that your birds can not get to the paper. Birds get bacterial infections and respiratory infections from messing around in the filth and dust in cages that allow birds to play around in their poop.

There are many quality cages out there that have grates that keep the birds from reaching their paper.

As for why the birds enjoy getting under the paper, I think it is sometimes nesting behavior and sometimes just something the bird does to entertain itself.

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