by DebbieRose
(Durham, NC)

wood burning fireplace
I recently bought a house with a fireplace that has one of those inserts in it. I have not used it yet and want to know if it is OK to have my Quakers cage in same room??

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Nov 06, 2013
by: Linda

Unfortunately, you cannot burn wood in the fireplace with the birds in the same room or even the same house. Use pellets instead of wood because they burn 100% clean and would not pose the risk wood will. You can buy a pellet stove to put in the fireplace and since you have your flu already in place it would work just fine. You can also talk to the people you buy the pellet stove from about anything special about setting it up. Usually they will do the set up for you.

Burning wood is going to kill your birds regardless of what kind of wood. Most of the wrapped logs you buy are treated with chemicals for a longer burn, and wood from the yard or woods can contain chemicals if they have ever been treated or fertilized with commercial chemicals. Wood does not burn at 100%, and if you've ever walked into a room with a fireplace going burning wood, you smell the smoke and this will kill the birds probably the first time a fire is set in it.

The other idea is gas or electric logs. I'm not sure about the electric ones and know for sure you can get the gas ones.

Those are just some ideas on how to do this safely for you and your birds. Though fireplaces look nice and cozy, they are actually raising the carbon monoxide levels in your home to sometimes dangerous levels. I would not burn wood even if I didn't have birds.

Thanks for writing,

Nov 06, 2013
Birds and fireplaces
by: Tracie

I know many people that keep their parrots in the same room with a fireplace. It is a risk, if the room becomes filled with smoke or you burn wood with chemicals on it and you were not aware of this.

If you choose to keep your bird in the same room, keep the cage as far away as possible, install a smoke detector above the fireplace and be aware your bird may die if the chimney backs up or flow reverses from high winds etc.

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