first bird died, hand feeding new bird

by Mona

I recently purchased a sun conore and it lived less than 24 hours and the breeder said she would replace it. However, her replacement bird doesn't even have all his feathers and I am guessing it is less than 2 months old. I feed this precious bird 15 - 20 cc of bird formula every 8 hours with a syringe.

I am an RN but I know nothing about baby birds. It is very sweet and cuddles up in my hand. I need to know what to expect as far as his stool is concerned (will it be formed or watery) and when do I introduce water and other food. Please educate me on the care of this precious bird that I have fell in love with. Thanks so much for any advise that you are willing to share with me.

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Sep 02, 2010
first bird died, hand feeding new bird
by: Linda

Mona, you need to go back to the breeder and ask all these questions. The breeder was responsible for educating you on how to handfeed, when and how to start the weaning process and about taking your bird to an Avian Vet imeediately to have it checked for infections. A lot of baby birds get sick while in the nest, and that is why breeders are supposed to weigh babies every day, and if there is not weight gain every day then it means a trip to an Avian Vet because infection is most likely present, and kills many baby birds before they are even out of the nest. This is probably what happened to your other bird, and a trip to Avian Vet may have saved its life.

Your bird needs to be handfed for another month as 3 months is the minimum time before weaning. Weaning is a process, and the breeder needs to explain how to go about it. You won't just stop handfeeding, but will continue to handfeed a few times a day along with introducing bird to healthy foods like organic pellets, which can be found here, organic fruit and veggies in very small amounts. Do not introduce to seeds and start with the pellets. Seeds are very low nutrition and have mostly fat and carbs with little proteins, vitamins and minerals. Most of the organics tell you to NOT supplement with vitamins and minerals. The baby parrot formula has to be served at a very warm temperature, not hot enough to burn baby's crop but warm enough to be digested.

First thing here is to take baby to an Avian Vet in your driving area to be checked for infections or other physical problems. Ask the Avian Vet how many cc's/ml's your bird should be taking at each meal because I think the Sun's are supposed to be eating more at a feeding which will then help to spread out the feeds. Baby Cockatiels eat 10cc's per feeding 3 to 4 times a day with the last feed in the evening and nothing else until morning. They are a much smaller bird than yours. Then talk with the breeder about how she goes about weaning. If it does not sound right to you, then do research on the internet about weaning times for the Suns, and here you will meet breeders who will help you through the rest of this rather lengthy process.

Keep us posted and thanks for writing,

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