First day home baby eclectus

by Mo
(Shanghai, China)

We adobted a new parrot yesterday me and my girlfriend. A 3 months old beautiful male eclectus, he is sweet in nature and doesnt bite when we come near him. We're handing feeding him and he eats great from us.

The only thing is that he only screams when he sees us and becomes quiet when we leave him alone. I was forced to into moving him into the bed room, because he'll be screaming when we sit with him in the living room. Should we leave him in the bed room?

We tried to give him a shower today and he was quiet during, but closed his eyes during shower, does that mean anything?

Can you please help and let me know what does he means with the screaming when we sees us?

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Feb 22, 2012
Re First day home baby eclectus
by: Anonymous

We names him Teddy :)

He cant resist when he sees the formula he runs into me and climbs my lap and grabs the spoon handle, he is so lovely and behaves well.

Hopefully the screaming when he sees us will stop soon.

The only thing is that we both work 9 to 6. wakes me up at 6.30 morning to feed him, running back home around 12 to give him lunch and we're home by 6, we give him dinner and goes to sleep in an hour. He's going to have his weekends with us.

I lowered his wooden perch yesterday, so today he took a step and stood at the door of the cage when i brought his food and its only been 3 days, he made me smile to honest.

i still havent seen him climbing with his beak at all, he exactly 90 days today

Feb 22, 2012
Eclectus toys
by: Tracie

Some small bird safe shreddable toys would probably be enjoyed by your eclectus.

Feb 21, 2012
Re baby parrot
by: Anonymous

Thanks guys, this helpful. i would be happy to hear an advise about toys at this stage?


Feb 21, 2012
Baby bird
by: Anonymous

Your baby screams when he sees you because you are his food provider! He is basically begging. When you are out of sight you are out of mind, but when you are there all he associates is food!! I would also hold off on the showering for now... Babies have a more difficult time regulating their temperatures and he could easily chill and become ill. However, no matter what you should bring your new baby to an avian veterinarian for a check up to make sure he is overall healthy :) goodluck with your new baby :)

Feb 21, 2012
Baby Eclectus
by: Anonymous

We have two, a male and female. I would not leave him in the bedroom. He needs socialization.

My male screams when he wants something. Usually out of his cage! He loves to be held.

I'm not sure about the shower. Never looked to see if my babies close their eyes or not.

Best of luck with your new baby! What did you name him?

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