first time owner

by William

Are Black Headed Caiques good for a first time owner. Also do they need another bird companion. Thank you

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Aug 14, 2015
Black headed caique for first time owner
by: Tracie

It could be a good bird, it really depends on the lifestyle and expectations of the owner.

Many Caiques are afraid of strangers and may be very territorial, for instance. It is best to join a caique Facebook group, get feedback from other owners, and make sure your expectations are possible.

The deal is with birds, just like people, you can't predict their personalities etc. It's best to visit the breeder, play with their birds, and let the bird pick you. (Meaning you find a bird that loves being with you and doesn't want to leave you.)

You might still end up with a bird that only likes you, or likes you for 6 months and then decides your mate is the best and you stink.

Please visit this Parrot Training page link for more information on training, health and such.

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