Fischer Lovebird with no tail

by Darcie

Hello, I have two fischer lovebirds that came from the same aviary. My male lovebird has no tail. He still sings, plays, eats and is very active all around. We do have a female lovebird in the same cage. What does this mean if he is showing no sign of illness whatsoever. The female does not bully him and they are very kind to eachother. I was told this may be molting but not sure. The age of the birds are 2 years and were hand fed. Thank you for any response.

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Sep 12, 2011
In the same boat...
by: Anonymous

We just picked up a sun conure from a lady whose cat/dog got a hold of her and ripped her tail completely off :(
I am not blaming the lady for any of the events, as it could have happened to anyone, but...

I have read that as long as the follicles are not damaged, the tail will grow back. In order for it to be big and beautiful again could also take a little time, like up to a year.

She too, is really happy, even in a brand new house with 3 small kids. She is eating well and letting us pet her, everyday.

Hope this helps, and good luck :)

Sep 12, 2011
Lovebird with no tail
by: Tracie

I am so sorry I offended you. I thought I did answer your question, and admitted it was none of my business but felt I needed to share what I did.

I believe you could not "hear my voice" in my typing. I was not feeling condescending, I admitted I had no clue, but wanted to share information in case it was needed.

Again, my apologies. I want people to feel like they can ask questions here. I don't intend to hurt people with my answers and concerns. Please forgive me.

Sep 12, 2011
RE: last response
by: Darcie

Having a female and male was not intentional, and being scolded for having two different sexes is not necessary when im only looking for advice in why my lovebird has no tail. This is my first time posting on this forum. The sexes were identified by an avian vet. So before jumping to conclusions on why I have two different sexes to begin with, I would appreciate if responses would only be relevant to what im asking.

Sep 11, 2011
Lovebird with no tail
by: Tracie

Sometimes birds lose their tails when something grabs at them or the tail gets stepped on. The bird releases its tail feathers. When this happens the tail grows back.

My question, and I realize it is not my business, is why you have a male and female together? I don't think you are a breeder, or you would have known the answer to this question. If you want to become a breeder, then you need to know all about the business before breeding birds. Please separate the birds or give them to an experienced breeder until you have learned all you can about breeding birds.

If you go into breeding without knowledge and some experience, you stand the chance of losing both the hen and the babies. If the birds decide to attack the babies, you have to pull them and start feeding them every few hours around the clock. Taking the babies to work with you etc.

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