Fischers lovebird injured neck

by Tom Sheldrick
(Coram NY)

I have a pair of Fishcher's lovebirds and one of them doesn't look right. It's neck appears to have been injured. please help

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May 24, 2011
Fischers lovebird injured neck
by: Linda

As the previus writer said, separate your birds into two cages immediately as one will kill the other. I've worked with many parrots, and have found many lovebird mates in the bottom of cages dead from a broken neck and gastly, bloody slashes to face, torso and feet.

Please take your bird to a licensed and trained Avian Vet. Pet Stores do not normally have avian vets on staff, and employees are NOT qualified to treat your bird or offer suggestions as to any over the counter meds. Lots of birds have been killed in this way, and don't let yours be another one.

Your bird's neck may be partially broken or just twisted. An Avian Vet will xray her neck and then probably put on some kind of neck brace to help get it back into place. Please leave her at vet's until you have a new cage completely set up for her at home as she is not to go back into cage with the other bird. Follow avian vet's directions 100% as for meds, followup visits and how to take care of her at home.

Next time, your bird will be dead as the lovebirds are sometimes very aggressive toward one another for seemingly no reason at all. This includes bonded and mated pairs.

Keep all birds separated, and especially these two because your next sight will be a bloody, broken necked mess in the bottom of cage if other bird has not already done it by now. Sorry if I trashed your and others' ideas of just exactly who LOVEBIRDS are, and am only telling the truth as I've experienced it for many years. Sometimes, I think they should be called HATEBIRDS and be done with it. Another story, I guess.

Take care and thanks for asking the right questions and good luck getting your little bird back to health!


May 23, 2011
go to the vet or at least good bird store
by: suzic63

your birds may be fighting, seperate them and take the possibly injured bird to the vet or a good bird store (at a minimum) to have the neck looked at!

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