Lutino Fischer's Lovebirds are Gordon's passion.

He keeps his Fischer's Lovebirds as pets and breeds them too.

Lutino Fischer's Lovebirds Albino Fischer's Lovebird Picture Lutino and Blue Fischer's Lovebirds Picture

I must explain that it took a long time to get organized with my birds, quite simply because of RESEARCH. I spent a lot of time reading about a number of issues that should be taken into account before you buy any bird.

Once I felt confident in all these things and decided on which bird to get, "The Fischer's Lovebird", I set about building a home for these little parrots.

Living side by side with our birds has been a wonderful experience although it can be noisy at times especially when the sun comes up. Fischer's make a lot of noise, there's no denying that. In an aviary situation, with quite a few pairs, you don't need an alarm clock.

Don't get me wrong though, our birds are indeed a part of our family and the individuals that were hand reared make great pets. My daughter spends quality time with her little Lovebird in fact every day when she's doing her homework

"Squirt" the lutino shares the table. This bird is remarkably tame only due to the fact he's handled daily, which is the main ingredient for sustaining that level of familiarity.

In the aviary though, the less tame of the gang can give you a nasty bite. So don't be miss-led into thinking that Fischer's are all friendly, because this is not the case.

Anyway, the Fischer's offers plenty to the bird keeper whether it's the variety of mutations for the breeder or simply the character and energy the little guys bring to a household.

I know I made the right choice when I see the joy they bring on a daily basis to my family. Based on that, I would recommend the Fischer's Lovebird to anyone.

The LUTINO Fischer's Lovebird is my passion. I take great pleasure in breeding these little birds. The little bird itself is a beautiful pure yellow colour with white flights. It has red eyes with a white eye-ring, red beak and a fabulous full reddish/orange crown on its head.

My method of producing good healthy lutino Fischer's Lovebirds takes a bit of time and effort, but the results are fantastic in the end. I use a red eye to a pure normal first up, you get your own splits then you go split to split or red eye to splits.

I run several pairs up for this to get different bloodlines and always still breed pure normals with no mutations whatsoever in them. That way we have strong bloodlines to begin with and stronger genes.

I never put two red eyes together for breeding, reason being lutinos have a lethal gene. It causes weak young, and death in most cases and for me a lesson never to be repeated.

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