fisher love birds


i have 2 fisher love birds in a cage and abreeding box.THE problem is that they never had eggs allthough they really love all the time each other. Maybe they
are males ,please help me thanks a lot in advance SONIA MALTA EUROPE

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Mar 23, 2009
my 2 love birds.may be they are males/?
by: sonia lagrasta

thank you alot for your repply.I really appreciatted.regarding my problem about my fisher birds it does'nt really matter what sex they are as long as they are2happy birdsand at the moment i have 5babies budgies and 4 canaries to be born soon Ireally thank you from myheart here imy \small country most people have some kinds of birds as pets. sonia la grasta

Mar 22, 2009
Lovebird breeding
by: Tracie

It is possible that they are males and it is also possible that one of them is sterile. You need to have a DNA test done to see if they are a male and a female.

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