flew today

by zouzou

my four month old indian rinckneck flew today will he come back

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Apr 04, 2011
thanks linda
by: zouzou

Hello Linda
today people around the area saw me calling mickeys name so they call me and said mickey with them he was standing on there window i was so happy to see him but he seem bit frighten .thanks

Apr 02, 2011
flew today
by: Linda

He will stay around your home for a few days and then he'll leave for good. Once birds get outside in a tree, they are afraid to come back in. Once he flys completely away, he won't be able to get back home because they become lost as they've never seen the ground from the air. They cannot smell their way home like dogs and cats and sre lost to whatever fate faces them out there, and there are many problems he will have to face.

You have a few days to coax him back unless he's already left your property. You can take his cage outside, put foods into his bowls that you know he favors and try to get him to come into it. If he's already left your property, he's gone for good unless someone else finds him on their doorstep.

Since it is getting to be winter there, chances are good that he will die during the winter unless someone takes him in. Run an ad in several of your local papers plus put a notice up at your local animal shelters and animal control facilities in case he trys to find someone to feed him.

This is why we recommend bird's wings be clipped by an Avian Vet because this happens more frequently than anyone would like.

Do what you can to coax him back into his cage and place ads and notices everywhere you can think of. The smaller, faster flying birds like he is can cover a great deal of territory in a short time, so widen your search for better coverage. Offer a reward for his safe return, and you mat get lucky. I'm very sorry this happened because winter is a time when little if any food is available and shelter is also not to be found unless he lands in someone's backyard asking for help.


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