fluffed feathers

by Judy Sanders

What does it mean when an amazon stands alot with its feathers fluffed out? My amazon has been doing that a little more than usual.

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Sep 17, 2008
Fluffed Feathers
by: Judy

Everything else about him is normal.He is doing it while I'm in the room,he doesn't seem sick or upset.


Sep 15, 2008
Amazon fluffed up
by: Tracie

Hello Judy,

Please share a little more information.

Is your bird eating normal, eliminating like normal and active?

Does he fluff up even when you are not in the room, but maybe you can see him without him being aware of the fact you are watching him?

What circumstances or how often is he fluffed up?

This could just be that your bird is content, upset, or hormonal. Of course your bird could be sick also.

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