Fluffy budgie

by swatinambiar

I have a budgie she is very fluffy, she is not active and she is sleepy. Though she is eating but very less as compred to normal days. Her pottty is very lose.

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Jun 23, 2011
Sick, fluffy budgie
by: Tracie

Your bird is sick and needs to be seen by an avian vet right away. There is not anything over the counter that can be suggested, because until you know what is wrong it can't be treated.

You should keep your bird warm and away from drafts until you get it to an avian vet. Move all the perches low in the cage and put a towel under them in case the bird loses it's balance. Of course, move the water bottle and food to the low perches too.

If your bird drinks from a water dish, it could have a bacterial infection from drinking water that is more than 4 - 6 hours old, that has possibly been pooped in, bathed in or food dipped in. Water bottles are the only safe way to offer water to your birds.

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