Fluffy grey feathers on my conures

by Leticia Rojas
(Houston Texas)

Hi, I have 2 conures a nanday and a gold crown, they live together in the same cage and they get along just fine, about a year and half ago I thought they were molting, the have a lot of fuzzy feathers all over, the gold crown has actualy lost them and got them back. they are not the normal; beautiful color feathers they are grey and fluffy.

They have never changed as far as their eating habits or their talkin and playing habits. They are by all accounts the same little babies I adopted other that their apperance they are the same. I have not change food or placement of cage. I dont know what to think or do. Any help would be grtately apprecatied. Thanks

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Oct 26, 2011
Fluffy grey feathers
by: Tracie

Birds molt all their feathers, so it could still be a molt. If you see bare spots on either bird, then either one is plucking the other, plucking itself or has a disease.

If there are bare spots, then you need to Find an Avian Vet to examine your birds to rule out disease. If you don't take your birds every year for a vaccine, you can bring in disease on your shoes and clothing.

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