Flying and aggression

Is there a relationship between letting my sun conure's wing feathers grow back and his increased aggression and screaming?

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Jan 30, 2017
wing feathers and aggression
by: Tara

My male conure is much more aggressive when his wing feathers grow back. Once he can fly well he will chase our daughter around the house and even bite her. He feels like he needs to keep others away from me. Once they are trimmed again he is like an innocent baby, lol. Our other conure doesn't get trimmed because it is not a problem.

Jan 30, 2017
Flying and aggression
by: Sandra D Singh

Hi There,

I don't think there're ANY relationship between those two things that you're thinking off. I guess that's just a Conure's personality. EVERYONE I know so far including myself that have Conures are speaking of how sweet and lovely their parrots were until a year or years later when the aggression and screaming sets in. We love them so much that we have to find a way to deal with them gently and lovingly and hope that any bad habits they may have will go away in time.
I've 2 beautiful parrots; a Green Cheek Cinnamon Conure who just turned 4 on January 5th; she doesn't scream; as soon as she turned 1, she started biting everyone but not me. After she turned 3, I also began getting bites; the only time she doesn't bite me, is when she wants to shower under the kitchen tap. She'll fly onto my shoulder and walk down my arm into the sink and have a ball; after that she'd climb back onto my arm and onto my shoulder and sit until she's dry and then fly off to her perch or cage. My Orange Wing Amazon is a real sweetheart; he doesn't bite nor scream and he will be 9 years old on July 30th.
Their cages are left open from morning till night so they can fly about where it's safe. They'll sit on their perches, climb and play on their gym until they're ready to fly back into their cages to eat and drink. When it's their time to sleep I'll call them by their names and they'll come inside at once; sometimes I may have to call the Little miss Conure more than once before she would come in because she is NEVER ready to sleep.
I guess there're nothing that we can do to stop those annoying behaviors. I still hold my Conure with a towel and talk to her softly and lovingly to let her know that I love her. I scratch her head and trim her toenails and I do hope that she would change sooner or later when she sees that I'm so loving with her and she's behaving so badly with me (they're very smart, they've huge brains within those small heads).
So I'll advise you to be patient and talk to your bird very lovingly, show your bird that you love him or her and hope for the best. Good luck and God bless you both.

Jan 29, 2017
Wing feathers & screaming
by: Tracie

I have no clue, I doubt the bird knows his wing feathers are growing out in a way for that to cause bad behavior.

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