Folding Travel Bird Cage

Folding Travel Bird Cage Collapsible Travel Bird Cage

Folding Travel Bird Cage with African Grey

Folding Travel Bird Cage

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Specifications: Dimensions: 19" height, by 19" length, by 18" depth
Bar Thickness: 4mm
Bar Spacing: 5/8"
Includes Perch, 2 Feeders
Weighs: 18 lbs
Made from Iron-Wrought Steel with baked on Powder-Coating,
Non-toxic finish

Carrier Available in: Black & Sandstone.

Great for Conures, Amazons & African Gray Sized Birds.

Other great features:

+ Large front access door makes placing and removing your bird an easy task!

+ External Feeder access door for easy feedings without reaching into the cage.

+ 2 Hard Plastic Food Cups.

+ Slide-out removable metal tray for easy cleaning and waste removal.

+ Includes 1 perch, 2 feeding cups.

+ "Bird-safe" Powder Coating finish, free from Zinc and Lead toxicant.

+ Available in two classy colors.