food for baby parrot

by vikrant mahadane

Hi,I owned a indian ring neck baby parrot yesterday, it is 3months old.Please suggest what I should feed him? And how many times a day I should give him food?

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Jan 11, 2018
So simple cerelac, baby food
by: Snc007

With warm water mix the cerelac, feed it in the morning and in night, in the day time grind bolied rice with boiled corn, 2 times. In each 3 day add slide turmeric powder to the rice mix.. I hv also ring neck. I always bring them and feed them as i told. Use a syringe, take out the niddle, this will do u your job my friend

Apr 09, 2017
Food for parrot
by: Anonymous

Today I rescue a baby parrot... What is best food which is help my parrot ..pls help me

Editor's note: It depends on what bird and where you live. Please contact an avian vet in your area for advise. Here in the USA I would feed Harrison's or Roudybush pellets. Depending on the species you may need to feed 80% pellets or less.
You can read articles on feeding birds at

Mar 08, 2017
by: Adil

I have an 1 year old ringneck parrot he is a plucking bird I brought a new 10days old baby parrot can the baby parrot stay the cage of plucking bird

Mar 18, 2012
I agree, but disagree
by: Anonymous

I agree with what you guys are saying, but at the same time it has offered no help. Some advice as far as feeding until they can get to a vet would be idea even would be nice so I am offering some though I am no vet, and barely experienced with weaning....You should hand feed the baby every 4 hours and 4 times a day. The mix should be thin for very young and become thicker the older they are. Some food is better than none, use warm water, but never too hot...kinda like a baby bottle. Do not feed more often than every four so they can digest it...and take to an avian vet ASAP!!

Jan 31, 2012
What to feed a baby parrot?
by: Anonymous

Please keep the parrot baby under a 40W bulb light and feed him soaked boiled chana dal.

Dec 18, 2011
Baby parrot
by: Anonymous

If your bird doesnt eat today he will die. There is no way he is 3 months old, the breeder probably just told you that as a lie. To me, he looks no more than 6 weeks old. He needs a warm, baby parrot formula meal NOW and should be fed this 4 times a day. Ugh but you probably do not even know how to feed properly, how warm, how much.. Inexperienced people will kill they baby accidentaly!! I see this turning into a diaaster and I am getting very emotionally sad for this poor baby right now. Take him back to the breeder ASAP (or better yet an avian vet) so he has a chance of living!!!!!

Dec 17, 2011
Feeding a baby parrot
by: Tracie

Oh how we hate to hear that people sell unweaned birds to people. Ugh!

You need to take this poor bird back to the breeder and let them finish hand feeding the bird. The person likely sold you the bird this young because they just want to make money and they don't care if the baby bird dies.

I realize in your country there may not be good breeders that take care of their birds and only sell weaned, healthy birds. I don't know what you can feed the bird, because I don't live in your country and don't know what is available there.

Please read our To Wean or Not To Wean article that was written by an avian vet.

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