Foot obsession and biting?

by Melanie C.
(Orlando, FL, USA)

I have a gold cap conure. I'm not sure if its a boy, but i call him Speck. Hes 6 years old. Over the past 1-2 years hes developed a habit thats weird and painful. Hes discovered that he loves feet! Any feet, especially if its sockless!

The problem is he only liked myself and my mom. He hates other people (i need help in this area too). When hes on me, he wants to be on my feet. When i try to pick him up and away from my feet he lunges at me and tries to bite. Why does he love feet? How can i stop him from trying to bite me? He also bites me excruciatingly hard when i do something he doesn't like (example: trying to put him on the counter for a second, or in his cage). How do i discipline him for biting and stop him from loving feet? Hes also not friendly to strangers. He always tries to bite. How do i stop this?

My fiancee is tired of him and wants to get rid of him for his biting but i cant do that. Speck is my baby and i want to get him the help he needs to make him enjoyable again. Please help! Thank you!

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Jan 17, 2011
Bird biting and hates people
by: Tracie

You have quite a difficult situation there. With patience and time, you can correct this behavior and you can get the bird to at least tolerate others.

Please read the articles on our Parrot Training page. For sure read the article about the biting GC conure. I share our story about my bird that suddenly hated me and how we corrected that problem.

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