Foot problem

by Ron

We have a 7 year budgie, who is free-flying for part of the day and until now has been very healthy. Recently we took him to get his claws trimmed - one of them bled but was quickly stopped. Now we have noticed that he is unable to stand properly on his right leg. It is almost as though the foot gets cramp - as it doesn't open properly when he wants to stand on it - causing him difficulty.

He seems okay once he is on his perch but he can no longer walk on a flat surface or on the surface of his wire cage. We cannot see any discolouration on the surface of his foot nor any swelling. I would appreciate any help you can give as the nearest avian vet is quite a distance from us and I have difficulty travelling.
Many thanks.

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Dec 22, 2008
Foot problem
by: The Vet

Nail trimmings can be painful, especially if the nails are quicked and made to bleed. It is also possible that if he struggled during the trimming that holding on to the the foot could have injured it it made it sore. If it has been more that 2-3 days and he has not improved, then you need to have him looked at for the limping.

Dr. B

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