Foraging bird cage liners

Hello, I am trying to locate forafing cage loners that have little holes for birds to find heir foor. I did not have the sight saved and now have forgotten where I can find them. Can you help me?

Cindy Norris
Peru, Indiana

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Nov 03, 2011
Foraging bird cage liners
by: Linda

You did not say what kind of birds you have, but you do not want anything that is taken from the floor because bird cage floors are dirty and full of bacteria. The only birds I know of that use any kind of string for nests are the finches, and they have this string found in a little box that has a punch out hole in middle where finches can take string to make a liner for their little nests. The box is attached to the cage with metal prongs similar to a cuttle bone.

What you want for cage bottoms is first of all a grate so poop and food fall through to the bottom. Never use wood chips because these grow bacteria and bugs very well once they get damp. If you have larger birds, all they need is a ready made nest box made of wood where box hangs on outside of cage and has a hinged lid for checking eggs and babies. These are made with a concave area in the middle of nest box floor to keep eggs from rolling all over the bottom and getting broken. You do not need to put anything in these boxes because wood chips are dangerous, and anything else is questionable as well. You have to have a breeding cage for these boxes that has drop down doors that can be open for the nestbox when breeding and closed off when not. Birds should only be bred once or twice tops a year as the making and laying of eggs takes a lot of vitamins and minerals out of the hens. If too much breeding is done, the hens gradually start to lose weight and become sick from too much breeding. What follows that is death if infection is not treated by an Avian Vet.

I hope this helped, and if you need more information, please tell us what kind of birds you have and what you are doing specifically. Thanks for writing,

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