Found a dove with a healed up broke wing, can't fly

My cat brought me a white dove in a terrible condition, about a year and a half ago, it was in a terrible condition, the broken wing that had healed up was black, bones exposed and we considered it will die. However with some love and caring and food/water, the dove survived. Since it never laid eggs, we think it's a male. It's been singing sorrowfully for the past 2 months. Is it possible to take it to a vet and have it's wing re-broken and reset so it can fly?

On another odd note, i have 3 cats and a sheepdog. None of the other pets bother it at all, on the contrary, the oldest cat attacked and tore to pieces a random blackbird that was stealing food from the dove (the same cat that brought the dove to my doorstep). This behavior is very peculiar, the bird itself gets stressed if anyone goes near it, including the pets, but the rest of the pets seem to try and take care of it.

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Feb 09, 2012
Found a dove with a healed up broke wing, can't fly
by: Linda

What you described as the break in wing is called compound fracture where bone sticks out of body part, and I imagine this bird is in terrible pain all the time. Please have him examined and evaluated by an Avian Vet ONLY in your area to see what they think.

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It is most likely too late to release him back into the wild because he has been dependent on humans for food too long.

It sounds like a born in the wild bird, so he will never be completely tame, and is probably deathly afraid of the cats since a cat may have hurt him in the first place.

Your Avian Vet may have a place where he can go like a rehab facility or he may know of someone who takes in rescued birds. He will always be afraid, and there is nothing to do about that. His possible pain IS something that can be helped, so take him to the avian vet soon as is possible. Rebreaking the wing could kill the bird, and the pain afterwards could also kill him, so get the avian vet to advise on best possible approach to this.

Thanks for writing and for taking this bird in in the first place as you sound very kind and compassionate which is rare these days.


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