found an eclectus parrot

by Brenda
(Tomball, Texas)

I found an eclectus parrot, I know he has to be someones pet. I am searching for the owner. In the meantime what do I need to take of him and make sure he is healthy? Why does he scratch?

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Jun 12, 2012
Eclectus parrot found
by: Tracie

The scratching could be from molting, or it could have gotten mites or even a disease from the wild birds it has been around.

I suggest you take the bird to an avian vet to make sure you are not bringing a disease into your home and to make sure the bird does not need medical attention. If you do not plan on keeping the bird, if you don't find the owner, then this would be an expensive thing to do, however.

I suggest you look in your local paper for someone selling birds, they would be a bird breeder. If you can find an eclectus breeder, that would be even better.

If you plan on keeping the bird, then you will need to purchase a large cage and plenty of toys that the bird can chew and shred.

Our avian vet, that has been practicing over 30 years and even teaches at a university, says that "Eclectus do very well on Harrison's and Roudybush pellets as 65-70% of their diet and 30-35% fresh vegetables and other healthy treats. They should have lots of fresh vegetables. Also, Eclectus were included in my feeding trial for Healthy Instant Treats and they loved it. It can be fed to any bird, as a treat."

You will read on tons of eclectus sites that they should not eat pellets, but these people are not avian vets so you can decide who to trust.

You can read more about eclectus parrots on our eclectus parrot information page.

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