found bird

by joni hapach

found a parrot and wondered is there any ids on them to find owner?

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Sep 01, 2011
Check on facebook Sam TheParrot
by: Anonymous

If the parrot is an African Grey, please contact me at Friend "Sam TheParrot" on Facebook for details & updates.

Aug 25, 2011
Bird found
by: Tracie

Some birds have a micro chip in them, but not most. You can post a "found" notice in the paper and put up signs and also look for "lost" ads in the paper.

When birds escape, they often end up far away from where they started, because it is their first time outside. If you have other birds, do not allow this bird near them, because it may have contracted a disease from the wild birds. In fact, wash your hands well after handling the bird because some of the wild bird diseases are harmful to humans too.

If you decide to keep the bird, please Find an Avian Vet , not a dog/cat vet, for the bird to make sure it is healthy. Most vets take payments if you need help with that.

Thank you for rescuing this bird. Oh, also you can look in the paper for people that sell lots of birds, those are breeders. They may be able to take the bird if you can't keep it.

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