Found parakeet

by Cindy

I found a white/blue parakeet yesterday in the woods near my home. We live in Central florida. This parakeet flew right onto my husband's tractor and then flew down to the ground where he was standing and allowed him to pick him up. This little bird immediately started chirping and pecking at his ear. He definitely was a very happy and tame bird.

We brought him inside (so the hawks wouldn't get him) and he drank and then fell asleep in my arms and slept for 3 hours cuddled in my arms. He was so still at one point I thought he had died. We got him a cage that night and food. Since then he has made very little noise and has slept all the time except when he eats. He also does not want to come out of his cage and is not the tame little bird we first found. It is only day 2 but I am concerned why his behavior may be so different than yesterday when we found him. Any help would be so much appreciated.

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Mar 27, 2013
Found Parakeet
by: Cindy


Thank you for your comments. He has survived day 3, but still not too perky. He did perk up when I put him in my sunroom and he was able to hear/see other birds. I am going to take your advice and get him to an avian vet. I would be heartbroken if my taking him in and caring for him these last few days were in vain because I didn't get him the real care he needed. He has already wormed his way into our hearts and will be a welcome member to our family once I get him a clean bill of health or the medical care he needs.
Thanks again for you advice.

Mar 27, 2013
Found parakeet
by: Linda

First of all, he is traumatized from his living outside. Secondly, he is also sick for the same reason. You need to take him to an Avian Vet ONLY in your driving area so he can be checked out for infections and external/internal parasites. All rescued birds who have been trying to survive outside need an exam by an Avian Vet. He will probably die if left without medical services, so please get him examined, diagnosed and treated as quickly as you can get an appointment.

The reason he is not acting as tame as he was is because he is sick. When yuor husband found him, he was almost dead from exposure and lack of food and warmth. Now, he's just sick, does not feel well and will die if not taken to an avian vet. Only Avian Vets can examine, diagnose and treat birds because they are the only vets licensed and trained to do so.

This little bird found you all, and so give him what he needs to show your concern. He is literally a gift that has been dropped into your laps.

Thanks for taking him in and for writing,

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