"Four Stuffed Birds/Cheer Leader Squad"

by Carlie
(North Hills, C.A., U.S.A.)

About two months ago I was taken to choose a bird after my first bird, Shadow (a finch), died a day after I "rescued" him from drowning. I decided that I wanted Zebra Finches. So the very next day my Dad bought a cage and of we went to a breeder about five minutes away. I got four finches, two males and two females.

The males were colorful and the females were pale white. Here are their names Cleopatra, Nila, Rammsiece, and finally King Tut. On the night I first got them I when to checkup on them and guess where they were? All four of them had stuffed them self's in one off the two nesting boxes! Two on the bottom and two on the top! They looked like a cheer leader squad!

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Jun 18, 2010
"Four Stuffed Birds/Cheer Leader Squad"
by: Linda

Unless your cage is over a 2 foot square size, you will need to separate the pairs into two cages. You cannot have them that crowded because they will fight to the death and kill each others' babies under these conditions.

Get another cage for the second pair and set it up with its own nest box and nesting material. ONLY BREED EACH PAIR ONE TIME A YEAR because to breed any more often will break down the hens' bodies, and they will get sick and die. Hen's who are bred too often (more than once a year) produce sickly babies too, so follow proper guidelines about breeding. Once babies are weaned, they ALL have to be removed and put into their own cages, separating the males from the females. YOU DO NOT WANT INBREEDING TO TAKE PLACE BECAUSE BABIES ARE BORN DEFORMED AND MENTALLY UNFIT, and if you leave babies with parents too long, this will happen, and if you leave brothers and sisters together too long, they will also breed. YOU WILL HAVE A HUGE MESS, AND THE BABIES WILL BE NO GOOD TO ANYONE as they will be weak. Inbreeding weakens the gene pool and allows all kinds of recessive traits to come to the surface which are detrimental to the birds. Weak hearts, lungs, kidneys, livers, skeletal structures as well as skin and feather production.

You also need to have all four birds checked out by an Avian Vet for parasites and/or infections. Sick birds DO NOT PROUCE HEALTHY BABIES, and these little finches will die even with a slight infection, so taking care of your birds is the most important aspect of having birds.Provide the proper kind of care and feeding and exercise, and you will have them to enjoy for a long time. Do not take proper care of them, and they will die, and the babies will be born sick and die quickly. That would be heartbreaking, so you have much work to do here.

Thanks for writing and good luck,

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