Freckles on feet normal?

by mandolin

I have a Pied pair of peachface lovebirds, I am currently hand feeding the first clutch of 5 chicks that i have had with this particular pair.They are very healthy and eating well, they are now 4 weeks 3 days old and one has turned out a normal green peachface baby 3 are pied and one is lutino, the three pied babies have grey feet with freckles on them, is this a pied thing? i have always bred lutinos and have never seen this before, any info would help, i couldnt find anything online, thanks:)

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May 13, 2011
Freckles on feet normal?
by: Linda

I'm not sure either, and it could be a Pied thing for sure. Keep an eye on them and see if the spots disappear or become larger or more widespread. If this happens, this could be something abnormal where an Avian Vet would have to do a skin scrape to get to the bottom of.

If they either disappear or stay the same for a long time, I would think they are just part of the genetic makeup of the Pied.

Sorry I could not be more specific, but have no experience with breeding Lovebirds and have never seen this on Pied Cockatiels.

Thanks for writing,

PS If you do find out more about this, please write back in and enlighten us as we'd very much appreciate it. We're all people learning something new about birds all the time.

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