friendly little guy

by Kevn
(New York)

Hi i got a new parakeet just yesterday and he already wants to come out of the cage and play he already lets me pet him as well is it strange for a parakeet to be this friendly all ready he also tends to just stand in one spot and do nothing at times can you tell me why im giving him proper nutrition and stuff...

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May 06, 2011
Thank you linda
by: Kevin

Thank you for the info but sadly he passed away a day after i asked this i had no vets that know anything that know about birds but we went to see what was going on with it it turns out that they lost parakeets too he must have had a disease but now i have a cockatiel and i have had him for a few weeks and he was never hand fed and hes a year old and in a week i tamed him he is a very sweet and gentle bird :)

Apr 23, 2011
friendly little guy
by: Linda

Congratulations on your new friend! He sounds like he was most likely a hand-fed baby, and they are always friendly to humans.

Here is a link with information about proper feeding for your Budgie, and we have the organic pellets and seed mixes on this site.

Vet suggestions for budgie, lory and eclectus diets

Remember when you read article that it is about two other birds as well, and only concern yourself with the advice given for the Budgie.

Thanks for writing,

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