Frightend parakeet

Hi i have 2 parakeets 1 male and 1 female. Well at night when i turn off the lights the male screams as if somebody is hurting him and he hits himself really hard on the cage from flying around so much. As soon as a turn the lights back on he calms down and goes back to how he was and it doesn't affect my female in any way. I just wanted to know why he does this every night and what i could to to make him calm when i turn the lights off at night. Please help.

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May 27, 2008
Nightlight for bird
by: Tracie

We keep a night light with a blue bulb in the bird room for our birds. Also, before we turn off the "big" light, we turn on a desk lamp and tell the birds "night, night." Our birds will head for their tents when we do this.

Our Budgies do not like tents, so they just know that it is time to get on the perch of choice for the night. Of course, since there is a night light near them, they can move around once their eyes adjust to the night light.

Once we see they are fine with the small desk lamp light, we turn it off and leave the room. Your birds will get used to the routine most likely, just like you get used to the sun setting. Wouldn't it be weird to have the Sun arbitrarily go out at different times every evening without warning?

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