fruit and vegatables

by steve
(las vegas)

when i first got my aleaxandrine parrot 5 months ago, he ate all his fruits and vegatables and now he only picks at them and eats just a little, hes very healthya and active and seems to be fine, i added some dried dates and he loves those but the other food like broccoli, string beans , apples, peas and corn and carrots he hardly eats anymore, what could be the reason for this like i said hes healthy and active and noisy just stopped eating a lot of his fruit although he loves sweet potato , oatmeal and brown rice hope you caa help thanks

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Oct 28, 2011
by: steve

forgot to say they are organic an got them from a bird store with avery good reputation

Oct 27, 2011
hi linda
by: steve

i started my bird on pellets and from the first day hes eating them , i was really suprised he still gets a dish of mixed parrot food and a dish of frit and vegatables , thanks for your response

Oct 14, 2011
fruit and vegatables
by: Linda

First of all, you did not say what the base food is for your bird. If it is NOT organic pellets, then he's not getting any kind of a balanced diet. Stop feeding the dates as they are full of fat and if you're buying them in a regular grocery store, they are also full of sugar and sulphur used as a preservative. Sugar will kill a bird as will salt and sulphur, so regard these as poison.

The reason main diet should be organic pellets is they provide a balanced diet for a parrot without any chemicals, dyes or sugar like the junk pellets ZuPreem and Lafeabers. Feed only organic, and a good one Avian Vet recommended is Harrisons found here along with a few other good choices.

The change from seeds or junk pellets takes time, and here is a link on how to go about it:

Switching Birds To Pellets article

Follow directions and it may take a few months or it could take a year. It will happen in time. Do not try and rush the process as you cannot starve your bird into eating what's good for him. He has to get used to the pellets before he'll like them. In the meantime, feed no people food and no junk food like nuts or dried fruit unless you're buying it in a health food store. The stuff in the grocery store is preserved with sulphur from dates, to the raisens in the boxes. Sulphur is a poison for both humans and animals, so get dried fruit that states plainly on the packaging--SULPHUR FREE.

Thanks for writing and keep in touch with us,

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