Fruit and Veggies for 3 month old African Grey

by Claudette
(South Africa)

Hi just want to know what kind of fruit and vegetables I can give my african grey which is 3 months old. He is eating parrot porridge morning and night and seed mix during day and water

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Jul 20, 2012
Fruit and Veggies for 3 month old African Grey
by: Linda

First of all, this baby may need to keep being handfed for another month before beginning weaning. Whatever you do, do not wean him onto seeds because seed diets are very poor diets resulting in chronic illness and/or other physical issues.

Wean your bird onto organic pellets like Harrison's found here, just click the link to the left. If you can get them into your country, they are the best and are Avian Vet endorsed and 100% complete diet for parrots. If you cannot get them into your country, find something that is certified organic in your country because organic means no pesticides, fertilizers and no preservatives are in the food. Food not certified organic has all the above chemicals and are dangerous for birds.

As for fruit and veggies, they will be only 10-15% of the total diet with the organic pellets being the major part of diet. Greys will eat most veggies and are not as fond of fruit. Try fruit that is not all wet and mushy. The 10-15% rule means fruit/veggies in small amounts a few times a week because the pellets are the mainstay of the diet. Seeds can be used to sprout as fresh seed sprouts are very high quality proteins with high quality vitamins and minerals too. When I say fresh, I mean fed as soon as seeds sprout as this type of food only keeps in the refrigerator for a day or two at the most. There are instructions for sprouting seeds on the inernet, and you HAVE to do it correctly because if not done right, seeds will grow fungas and kill your birds.


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