Fruit juice?

Can I give my ringneck 100% fruit juice once in a while?

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Feb 01, 2010
Fruit juice?
by: Linda

No, you cannot give your bird fruit juice straight like that as it will cause all kinds of digestive upsets. What you CAN do if you wish is to put a few drops on his pellets every once in a while. In fact, if he is still eating seeds, you can use a little fruit juice to help with changing him over to an organic high quality pelleted diet. Seeds are not a good, wholesome diet for parrots in that they are high in fat and force the liver to process way more fat than necessary. An all seed diet takes years' off a parrots' life.

Any fruit juice you use needs to be 100% organic as processed sugar including corn syrup will kill birds, so you need to get the organic, no sugar, preservatives and/or pesticide residue.

As I said above, straight fruit juice is not a good idea whether organic or not. It will cause irritation of the bowels and will end up with you taking your bird to the vet because he is sick.

Tracie carries several kinds of organic pellets out here, and if you are wanting to improve your bird's diet, this is the way to do it. Follow directions as for how to feed and how much. All organic pellets have to be refrigerated, so about an hour before feeding time, take out what he will eat in a meal and allow it to warm up to room temperature.

Some people say the organic pellets are too expensive, and that's not true. You get what you pay for, and we've been feeding Harrisons for over 16 years to our Amazons, and we have few if any trips to the vet, so have saved literally hundreds of dollars there. The cheaper pellets have dyes, preservatives and most likely pesticide/fertilizer residue in every bite. Get your bird on a healthy diet and feed no people food whatsoever. Table food is full of fat and salt both of which kill birds. Fat kills slowly and salt kills fast.

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